Planmeca ProMax 3D DevicePlanmeca ProMax 3D

The Planmeca ProMax 3D is a three-dimensional Cone Beam Computer Aided Tomography (CBCT) machine that takes 3D images of your mouth in an open environment. That means you don’t have to feel claustrophobic during your scan. Dr. Urbanek and Dr. Green utilize this technology to accurately diagnose dental problems and create procedure plans. Having this technology in our Southlake dental office saves you from paying expensive fees at a lab or hospital and also saves you time. The Planmeca ProMax 3D scanner also omits less radiation than a traditional CT scan (90% less).

TMJ Technology (BioPak)

Dr. Green and Dr. Urbanek are both LVI Fellows and neuromuscular dentists and therefore understand the importance of the whole mouth working in harmony. To accomplish this goal, the jaw joints, muscles, nerves, and bones must all achieve proper alignment. Injury, stress, genes, and other factors can cause the TM joints to become misaligned, resulting in a TMJ disorder and painful symptoms. The BioPak technology is a suite of dental tools from BioRESEARCH that help our dentists determine the functionality of your muscles and jaw joints. The technology also helps us design the right treatment plan.

The BioPak includes:

  • EMG – Electromyography – The Electronic Muscle Graphing (EMG) tool is a non-invasive and pain-free way for our dentists to measure your jaws during rest, chewing, clenching, and swallowing. Finding imbalances helps our dentists design a better treatment plan.
  • JT-3D™ – The Jaw Tracker is a highly accurate sensor that provides us with a measure of mandibular speed, movement, and position. The device then provides us with quantities of data about jaw deviations, range of motion, and deflections.
  • M-Scan™ – This device measures the way your facial muscles function. With the data, we’re able to compare bilateral muscles for symmetry and function. It also helps us evaluate your treatment’s effectiveness.
  • TENS Therapy – QuadraTENS is a low-cost and safe alternative to narcotic drugs for pain relief by applying gentle stimulation to facial nerves. The device helps to improve blood flow and incite relaxation.
  • T-Scan – T-Scan is a special dental Technology that measures the force of your teeth in real-time. This data helps us more accurately diagnose your condition and create a better treatment plan. We also use it to evaluate your bite throughout your treatment process to ensure we balance your bite just right.

Digital Dental X-rays

Unlike x-rays in the past, today’s are fast and accurate. Digital x-rays take clear pictures of all internal and external anatomic structures to help us identify dental problems. The images are uploaded directly to our computers as soon as we take the pictures

VELscope Oral Cancer Screening Technology

Diagnosing cancer as early as possible is crucial for a strong recovery. The VELscope Oral Cancer Screening System helps us diagnose abnormalities that might be oral cancer that might go unnoticed to the naked eye. With VELscope, you can receive an earlier diagnosis which increases your chances for a healthy recovery.

Digital Smile Imaging

If you’re interested in enhancing your smile, digital smile imaging makes it easy to see what your new smile can look like! Using a digital photograph of your smile, we can manipulate the image to reflect any procedures you’re interested in. This can help you make your decision and know what results to expect.

The Wand Anesthesia

Nobody looks forward to the prick of the needle in their gums for local anesthesia. With The Wand Anesthesia, we deliver the local anesthesia with a pen-like device hooked up to CompuDent. CompuDent helps control the volume and flow of the anesthesia so it can more accurately numb the area. First, we apply the numbing gel, and then once you’re numb, we’ll use The Wand to deliver the anesthesia, completely pain-free.

Anutra Buffered Anesthesia

Instead of experiencing the burning sensation with local anesthesia, the Anutra Buffered Anesthesia system buffers out the acid in the anesthesia for a more comfortable and faster working injection.


At the end of your procedure, we will administer OraVerse so the injection site where we previously injected local anesthesia. OraVerse is a medication that helps reduce the effects of local anesthesia in half the time. This means you can get back to life much faster and experience less drooling and numb sensations after your appointment.


Patients seeking diagnosis or treatment for sleep disordered breathing or sleep apnea can benefit from the Watch-PAT200. Watch-PAT200 is a home sleep test. It’s comfortable to use at home and provides us with the information we need to evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment plan. We can also use it to diagnose sleep apnea by working with a physician.

MLS Laser Therapy In Southlake

MLS – Multiwave Locked System – is a non-invasive laser therapy that utilizes low-level laser energy to promote healing and reduce pain. MLS combines two specific wavelengths of light, typically 808 nanometers and 905 nanometers, to penetrate the tissues in the oral cavity. This dual-wavelength approach allows for deeper tissue penetration and enhanced therapeutic effects. The laser energy stimulates cellular activity, increases blood circulation, and promotes tissue regeneration, leading to reduced inflammation, pain relief, and accelerated healing after a dental procedure. This revolutionary therapy can be used for treating cold sores, oral ulcers, and TMJ, as well as for pain management and postoperative healing.

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