mature adult woman smiling with teethYou’ll often see the phrase “Teeth in a Day” when reading about dental implants and tooth replacement options. Dental implants followed that don’t require months of your time are a hugely popular and effective tooth replacement option for people who cannot bear the thought of going without teeth for a long time. Traditional dental implants cannot be placed in a day, but there are tooth replacement options that can be placed very quickly to minimize your time in the dentist’s chair, discomfort, and healing time.

Whether you have just a few missing teeth, a full arch of upper or lower missing teeth, or a whole mouth of missing teeth, “Teeth in a Day” may be a viable option for you to get a stunning smile back quickly. Your Southlake, Texas, implant dentist will discuss what tooth replacement options would work best for you, and if, for some reason, you’re not an ideal candidate for “Teeth in a Day,” there will be other options available. 

You need not suffer the embarrassing problem of missing teeth any longer with so many dental implant options available. Advances in dental technology and innovations in treatment modalities are allowing Southlake, Texas, implant dentists to restore smiles and improve tooth function more quickly than ever before. With a beautiful smile and fully functioning tooth restorations, you can enjoy all the foods and activities you did prior to losing teeth.

What is “Teeth in a Day”?

“Teeth in a Day” is more of a process than a tangible product you can touch. It’s a dental implant-supported procedure that involves streamlining the process of removing teeth, placing implants, designing a denture, and attaching it to the implants. Instead of using traditional implants and asking patients to spend months without teeth, your dentist will place a traditional removable denture or an implant-retained removable denture. 

All-On-4 Dental Implants® are a tooth replacement option that greatly reduces the time needed for permanent implants to integrate into your mouth. While “Teeth in a Day” is a great choice for many people, no implant dentist can promise it will be the best tooth replacement for everyone. After a thorough evaluation using the most advanced dental technology available today, your implant dentist will know what tooth replacement option would work best for your unique dental needs.

“Teeth in a Day” Benefits

The one benefit that makes same-day tooth restoration appealing is getting your new teeth in one day. With traditional dental implants, there is a time commitment because the implants have to fuse with your jawbone in a process called “osseointegration.” After the dental implants are stable in your mouth, you will have dental restorations, such as dental crowns and dental bridges, to make the teeth look and function just like natural teeth.

With “Teeth in a Day,” you get a complete and fully functional set of teeth in one appointment at your implant dentist’s office in Southlake, Texas. Any necessary tooth extractions can also be performed around that same time.

With traditional dental implants, you have to wait three-six months, usually between placing implants and getting your dental bridge placed. Since the “Teeth in a Day” procedure is designed to avoid stress on your implants, you won’t have to wait until after the implants have healed because they can handle the bridges immediately. After a much shorter healing period than traditional dental implants, you can eat, chew, and bite normally.

With board-certified oral surgeons and restorative dentists at your Southlake, Texas, dental implant office, you’ll be able to have everything you need to be done simultaneously in the same location. 

No Bone Graft Necessary with “Teeth in a Day”

Another benefit of “Teeth in a Day” is that typically, there is no bone graft necessary. Losing teeth often means losing the bone that supports those teeth. When advanced gum disease (periodontal disease) attacks the bone around your teeth, your teeth loosen and eventually fall out. Once your teeth have fallen out, broken off, or been extracted by a dentist, the body starts removing the bone that was used to support the teeth. 

When the body starts removing the bone, implant dentists utilize bone grafts to build the bone back up to support the dental implants. This is almost always necessary with traditional dental implants. 

“Teeth in a Day” dental implants use the bone you already have without needing a bone graft. These amazing same-day dental implants distribute the force of chewing between 4-8 implants; the implants are stable and secure without needing a time-consuming bone graft that requires healing time.

Advanced Dental Technology for “Teeth in a Day”

If you have been dreading oral surgery due to missing teeth, you should know that with advanced dental technology, the process of “Teeth in a Day” is much simpler than traditional implants of yesteryear. 

Your Southlake, Texas, implant dentist will use various scans, including a digital scan, to ascertain the specifics of your mouth, including details of your teeth, tooth roots, gums, and bone. Digital scans allow for the precise placement of your same-day dental implants. 

Explore “Teeth in a Day” in Southlake, Texas

If “Teeth in a Day” is not the best tooth replacement for you, the oral surgery and reconstruction team at StarImage Dental Boutique & Oral Surgery will explore other options, including traditional dental implants or All-On-4 Dental Implants®. 

Please call StarImage (817) 587-4414 to schedule a new patient evaluation or fill out our online contact form. One of our amazing Southlake, Texas, dental team members will reach out to answer any questions you have about missing teeth.