Many people are reluctant to visit the dentist or find time at the dentist to be unpleasant. We encourage you to visit StarImage Dental Boutique & Oral Surgery in Southlake. The experience is very different from any other dentist you’ve visited, thanks to our relaxed atmosphere and caring, compassionate staff. 

However, we also know that this might not be enough to ensure you have a good experience at our dental office. That’s why we offer relaxation dentistry. We know that sometimes you need a little extra help to get the dental care you need or want. Here are some of the situations where relaxation dentistry can make a difference. 

You Are Overdue for a Checkup

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Strong dental anxiety can keep people from getting a dental checkup. Logically, we all know that there’s nothing to be afraid of at a checkup. Unlike your regular doctor visit, we’re not going to spring a surprise vaccination on you, for example. 

However, knowing that there’s nothing to worry about and not being worried are two different things. If you keep avoiding dental checkups because of anxiety, relaxation dentistry in Southlake can help. 

You Are Avoiding Treatment

Maybe you’ve managed to make your dental checkups, but when it comes to actually getting dental treatment in Southlake, you can’t do it. You know you need the treatment, whether it’s a filling or an oral surgery like tooth extraction. You also know that getting the treatment will help. It might alleviate pain, improve your oral and overall health, and/or improve your quality of life. Still, you can’t manage to make yourself show up to the appointment. 

Relaxation dentistry can help you overcome your anxiety to get the treatment you need. Often, oral conscious sedation is a good solution here: we can prescribe medication you can take the night before or morning of your procedure to help you sleep better and be relaxed before you come to our office. 

You Can’t Sit Still for Dental Treatment

Maybe you don’t have dental anxiety per se, but spending time at the dentist seems uncomfortable and makes it hard for you to sit still. Whether you find yourself constantly shifting or you clench your muscles the entire time, causing yourself to feel sore after treatment, relaxation dentistry can help. 

Relaxation dentistry makes it easy for you to sit still through a dental appointment. You’ll find that the time at our Southlake dental office just flies by. Not only will dental appointments get easier, but you might also find that you aren’t sore after dental treatment the way you used to be: that’s often the result of being tense for your appointment.

It’s a Challenge Scheduling Dental Procedures

If you need a complex dental procedure, we might normally recommend breaking it up into several visits. However, if you have difficulty scheduling one dental appointment, let alone several, relaxation dentistry can help. 

Relaxation dentistry can make it easier for us to accomplish complex dental procedures in one visit rather than breaking them up into several shorter appointments. 

You Have Trouble Getting Numb

For some people, difficulty getting numb can significantly lengthen your dental procedure. When your Southlake dentist has to keep coming in to check whether you’re numb or not before they can start treatment, it can slow the process down a lot. 

Relaxation dentistry can help with this, too. Often difficulty getting numb is linked to dental anxiety. You might not think you’re anxious, but your body is responding to a heightened state of awareness with a higher heart rate and a faster elimination of dental anesthesia. Relaxation combats this process, helping anesthesia take effect faster so you can get treatment. 

You Can’t Afford to Be Numb 

Another concern you might have is the problem of being numb for too long after dental treatment. If your work involves talking or even just showing your smile, numbness after a procedure means you have to take time off. Sometimes you can’t afford the time off. 

That’s why StarImage offers OraVerse for our patients in Southlake. This injection reverses the effects of anesthesia so you can get over its effects in as little as half the time. That’s not just good news for work; it can help you avoid all the minor nuisances of dental anesthesia, such as spilling drinks or burning your lip with a hot drink. 

You Have a Strong Gag Reflex

Some people find it hard to get dental care because they have a very strong gag reflex. As soon as an assistant, hygienist, or dentist in Southlake gets near your mouth with their tools, you start feeling the tendency to gag. 

This is often another difficulty that is related to low-level anxiety. Even if you’re not aware of being anxious, you might have a heightened awareness of what’s going on and become extra sensitive to things in your mouth. Whether your gag reflex is related to anxiety or not, relaxation dentistry can help you avoid gagging at the dentist, making your procedures easier and more pleasant for everyone. 

Relaxation Dentistry Options in Southlake

Do any of the above describe your situation? If so, then it’s likely that you will benefit from relaxation dentistry in Southlake. The best next step is to talk to a dentist at StarImage Dental Boutique & Oral Surgery to see if you are a candidate for relaxation dentistry, or you can check out our complete guide to our relaxation dentistry options

Please call (817) 587-4566 or use our online form today the request an appointment at our Southlake dental office near the CISD Aquatics Center.