If it’s time for your wisdom teeth to come out, have no fear because with advanced dental technology and experienced general dentists in Southlake, Texas, you’ll be out and about in no time at all and able to enjoy some delicious yet soft foods. Decades ago, the mere thought of wisdom teeth extraction sent people into a panic, but with so many advances in general dentistry in recent years, wisdom tooth extraction in Southlake, Texas, is a very simple and very common procedure.

If your general overall health is good and you adhere to the dentist’s post-operative instructions, your recovery time should be very short, and there should be no complications following wisdom teeth extraction in Southlake.

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Eat These Foods After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

In addition to taking post-op pain relievers, your general dentist in Southlake will ask that you follow a minimally restrictive diet following wisdom teeth extraction. You will be encouraged to eat soft foods and avoid anything crunchy or difficult to chew. Protein-rich liquids like broths and blended soups are always encouraged following oral surgery, and nice cold smoothies will feel great in your mouth and going down your throat following wisdom tooth extraction in Southlake.

Greek yogurt is another tasty treat to eat following oral surgery in Southlake as long as you don’t have any dairy restrictions. Be sure to check with your general dentist to make sure you’re allowed to eat or drink dairy products following your oral surgery.

Scrambled eggs are not just for breakfast—they make a protein-rich meal following oral surgery in Southlake. They require very little chewing, and they are delicious. You may also enjoy some nice creamy mashed potatoes the day of your surgery and the next day. Be sure there are no lumps in your mashed potatoes, even if Grandma says they’re better that way!

Applesauce is a tasty food you can enjoy following oral surgery. Try mashing up some bananas for a vitamin-rich snack to enjoy following wisdom tooth extraction. This is a great time to have those you love pamper you with delicious soft foods when you come home from oral surgery.

Your favorite flavor of ice cream is a delicious option as long as there are no cookie or candy chunks in it. Stick with extra creamy ice cream and steer clear of any ice creams with nuts. If bits of food get in the holes made by the extraction of your wisdom teeth, you will find yourself back at the dentist’s office having another procedure done to clean out the holes.

While we have ice cream on the brain, how about a yummy milkshake to soothe your mouth and throat? You can’t go wrong with a milkshake, ever, following any medical procedure! Milkshake for dinner?! Why not? You just had oral surgery, after all.

Hummus is a great savory snack to enjoy following oral surgery, but please steer clear of the pita chips or carrots you may be tempted to dip into your hummus. Just simply eat the hummus by the spoonful, and you’ll have a soft, delicious, and nutrient-enriched snack that will fill you up.

If you have any questions about what you can and cannot eat following oral surgery, simply check the general dentist’s post-operative care instructions, or give the office a quick call if you’re not sure about a certain food or drink.

What to Avoid Following Wisdom Teeth Extraction

In addition to anything crunchy or difficult to chew (like meat, chips, and candy), you should avoid the following foods following wisdom teeth extraction in Southlake, Texas:

  • Spicy foods
  • Grains and seeds
  • Cookies

Avoid alcohol following oral surgery because alcohol may irritate your surgery sites, and it may have a poor interaction with any medications you may be taking.

Put Down the Straw, Please

Avoid using straws following oral surgery, as the suction increases the risk of developing a dry socket, which is a serious condition that may occur after tooth extraction. Dry socket happens when a blood clot either doesn’t form or is dislodged after your wisdom teeth are removed. Without the clot, your bone and nerves are exposed, leading to dry socket pain. If you develop dry socket, you will need to be treated in your general dentist’s office, so avoid straws until your dentist says it’s safe to use them.

Enjoy Soft Food Following Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Southlake, Texas

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