What are FOY® Dentures?

Unlike traditional one’s that rest on your gums for support, FOY® Dentures use a special design that allows them to rest comfortably on the muscles in your mouth. This means every bite you take places pressure on the muscles instead of your gums. Each are custom made to offer a more reliable fit, more natural-looking appearance, and better facial support. It also offers continual jawbone stimulation to slow or prevent bone resorption.

Patients can eat their favorite foods without worrying their dentures will slip or slide or feel uncomfortable on their gums. Once you experience the benefits, you will never return to economy dentures again.

Benefits of FOY® Dentures

With this tooth replacement solution, you can enjoy a handful of benefits including:

  • Natural-looking smile
  • Secure fit
  • Balanced bite forces
  • Reduced discomfort
  • Less bone loss
  • Rejuvenated facial appearance

Once you spend a week wearing your FOY® Dentures, you will feel shocked that a pair of dentures could offer such amazing results.

mature adult couple hugging and smiling

Natural Looking Dentures

Traditional dentures look at replacing missing teeth as the first issue and appearance as the second. This is why most dentures don’t look very natural and can look too large for people’s faces and mouths. Not to mention, the teeth and gums are made with the same material but use different colors to make it look like gums and teeth.

FOY® Dentures are the complete opposite. They are essentially cosmetic dentures that use a separate material for the teeth and gums. The material used to create the teeth is porcelain just like the material used to create porcelain veneers. Porcelain is stain-resistant and offers a long lifespan and most natural appearance.

Although FOY® Dentures use the same base material as regular dentures, it’s crafted differently. It’s made using a layered technique that produces a translucence that looks similar to the natural gum tissue. You can even see tiny details that look like blood vessels. The high density of the base also helps reduce stains and odors.

Comfortable Fit and Functionality

Traditional dentures hardly change from patient to patient. There’s little to no customization available. With FOY® Dentures, the entire fit is custom to each patient. FOY® Dentures use unique dental insight to fit dentures with the intent to feel more comfortable and fit more securely. The balanced bite forces to offer higher strength than traditional dentures.

Not only does the balance improve the strength and fit, but also the comfort. The balanced bite eliminates the possibility of painful pinch points that rest underneath the denture which can increase comfort and slow bone loss. Poorly fitted traditional dentures usually expedite bone loss. After bone loss occurs, it can cause your face to age.

Facelift without Surgery

As we mentioned, traditional dentures fit poorly. When they fit poorly, it can cause bone loss which essentially diminishes your facial support structure on the lower third of your face. Once their structure diminishes it can cause facial changes such as:

  • Facial folds and wrinkles
  • Jowls
  • Wrinkles between chin and mouth
  • Weak chin
  • Turkey neck
  • Sunken neck

Most plastic surgeons will address these issues with intensive facelift surgery involving cutting the skin on your face and pulling it tight. With diminished facial support, a facelift will only make your face look stretched and even make you look completely different.

FOY® Dentures can help restore your youthful proportions without surgery and without changing your entire appearance. As a bonus, no serious surgery, lengthy recovery times, or scars are involved.

Opt for FOY® Dentures with Dental Implants for More Benefits

Although FOY® Dentures work amazingly without dental implants, you can get even better results with dental implants if you choose. Dental implants can help enhance the functionality of your FOY® Dentures, provide maximum bite force, and amazing security. During your consultation, ask our dentists if securing your FOY® Dentures with dental implants is the best option for you.

Are you ready to find out how FOY® Dentures can improve your smile and your life? Contact our dentures dentist in Southlake, TX at (817) 587-4566 to book an appointment today.