What is Teeth In A Day?

Teeth In A Day is a unique tooth-replacement system that uses four to six dental implants to replace one arch of missing teeth. That means all the teeth on the top or all the teeth on the bottom. Angled connectors have been developed that allow for a wider spread of the implants, resulting in a more solid base. We highly recommend this procedure for patients who currently have dentures or need a full lower and/or upper arch replacement.

Benefits of A Full Arch Implant Restoration

Teeth In A Day offers tons of amazing benefits. To start, it uses special engineering to support the implant bridge and your bite force. The placement of your dental implants makes it so many people in Southlake can get a full arch of teeth without a bone graft. Of course, everyone’s jawbones are different, but many people can forgo a bone graft with this type of restoration. You can expect to completely heal within six months after your initial procedure date. Traditional dental implants usually take up to 18 months with bone grafting.

Teeth In A Day isn’t just for people who want to replace ill-fitting dentures. They can be used under traditional dental bridges for fully functional implant bridges. Implant bridges make it easy to eat your favorite foods, speak, and smile with confidence.

Teeth In A Day is a faster procedure, produces better results, and costs less than traditional tooth replacements and bone grafts.

When patients opt for Teeth In A Day, they can expect to enjoy:

  • Lower cost
  • Shorter treatment time
  • No bone graft needed
  • Fully functional teeth
  • Full set of teeth in one procedure
  • Never going toothless – implants are placed directly after extraction

What Makes Your Southlake Restorative Dentist Different?

  1. We are invested in your long-term care and health. We have assembled a team of experts that will ensure your optimal health.
  2. We have invested in the latest technology that improves the outcome. If there happens to be an issue with the esthetics or bite, we can quickly change and improve your bridge. With traditional fixed implant bridges, making a change can be a very long and drawn-out process.  We can make changes in as little as one day!
  3. You get to stay here in our office from start to finish. No more going to multiple offices to get your work done.
  4. We specialize in esthetics. We understand what it takes to get you that perfect smile. We also have technology in our office that only a small handful of dentists worldwide have to ensure an optimal outcome.

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Advantages of a Full Arch Implant Restoration

  • This camera allows us to take impressions in less than one minute.
  • The camera is 99.9% accurate at determining implant position.  This is critical to the healing and long-term health of the implants.
  • A fully digital workflow allows us to improve the esthetic outcome and have a more robust soft tissue healing.
  • If a traditional teeth in a day appliance breaks or if the esthetics are not right, it can take weeks to fix.  With the fully digital workflow, changes can be made, and a new appliance can be printed the same day.

Procedure Using Teeth In A Day

Teeth In A Day is a procedure that removes bad teeth, levels the bone, places the implants, and fastens your replacement teeth to the implants. Before we can begin your Teeth In A Day procedure, we first must make sure you’re a good candidate for the procedure. Most patients are good candidates for Teeth In A Day, even if they don’t have a lot of jaw bone. This is because it uses special dental implants and angles to secure the implants without needing a bone graft.

During a detailed consultation, we will evaluate your oral health and ask about your treatment goals. We will also take x-rays, impressions, photos, and iCAT 3D images of your jawbone. If we determine you’re a good candidate and you want to proceed, we will schedule your surgery.

During surgery, we will extract any remaining teeth and then place the dental implants. Some patients may only require four implants while others might require six; it really depends on the patient and their jaw bone quality. After placing the implants, we will place your first bridge of teeth. This looks completely natural but doesn’t deliver the same strength as your permanent restorations.

During your follow-up appointments, we will check your implants and how well your mouth is healing. Once we determine they have healed enough, we will place your permanent restorations. This usually occurs within six months of your procedure. Any corrections in shape, position, or color will be done with this. It will have a rigid frame of titanium or ceramic to prevent breakage. The final restorations are fixed in place and look and function just like natural teeth! You will love your new smile instantly.

Need Dental Implants in Southlake, TX?

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