What is NuCalm?

NuCalm is a relaxation system that uses a drug-free approach as a form of sedation dentistry. This system is specifically designed to help patients achieve an optimal level of deep relaxation. The system takes three steps to make your body feel just like it does before it goes to sleep.

The three steps include:

Step 1: Biosignal Processing Disk

During the first step, we will place a biosignal processing disk on your left wrist. The disc contains an electromagnetic frequency pattern similar to GABA to deliver a BioSignal to your entire body. Since it’s located on the left side, it easily sends a signal to the heart’s pericardium to activate local parasympathetic nerve fibers. These fibers then transmit the signals to your brain which then increase vagal nerve outputs and slow down cellular reactions. This process mimics the same process that occurs when your body naturally transitions to sleep.

Step 2: Neuroacoustic Software App

In the next step, you will wear headphones and we will use our app to guide your brain to theta and alpha zones by using neuroacoustic beats. This helps your brain wave function for optimal relaxation and recovery.

Step 3: Eye Mask

The last step of the NuCalm treatment is wearing a light-blocking eye mask. This will eliminate any visual stimuli from interfering with your deep state of relaxation.

relaxed adult woman sitting on couch and stretching

Who’s a Good Candidate for NuCalm?

Nearly everyone is a good candidate for NuCalm. Even if you don’t suffer from dental anxiety, NuCalm can completely transform your entire dental appointment and leave you feeling our office refreshed, just like going to the spa for the day. Who wouldn’t want to feel like that after getting their teeth cleaned or after a dental filling?

However, if you do suffer from dental anxiety, or want to feel more relaxed during your dental treatment and a risk-free and drug-free sedation dentistry alternative that every patient can benefit from. In just four minutes, the NuCalm system can help you feel entirely relaxed and ready to take on your procedure stress-free.

Benefits of NuCalm with your Southlake Dentist

NuCalm isn’t just used in dental offices, and it’s for a lot of good reasons. NuCalm offers lots of amazing benefits. If you opt to use it during your next dental procedure, you will experience these refreshing benefits.

  • Relaxation – The main reason for using NuCalm for dental procedures is because it helps you stay relaxed. Your dental procedure will never feel easier.
  • Stress Relief – Not only does NuCalm reduce stress during your procedure, but it will help you feel less stressed afterward.
  • Energy – Relaxing with help from NuCalm can help you feel a burst of energy after your appointment making it easy to take on the rest of your day.
  • Focus – By removing stress and helping you relax, NuCalm can help you leave our office with a better ability to focus.
  • Athletic Performance – Although it’s completely unrelated to dentistry, NuCalm’s relaxation effects also work for the muscles. If you play sports or exercise after your dental appointment, you will feel more refreshed and even improve in performance.
  • Jet Lag – NuCalm is also helpful to people suffering from jetlag, or insomnia in general which can help your body get back in sync with its natural clock so you can sleep at a normal hour.

Not only is NuCalm beneficial for your dental appointment, but it offers so many benefits afterward. Other sedation dentistry options can’t do that for you. If you’re interested in trying NuCalm in Southlake, TX for your next dental appointment, please let our staff know! We’re happy to help. Please call (817) 587-4566 to book your next appointment with us.