What is OraVerse?

OraVerse (Phentolamine Mesylate) injection is the first and only unique medication that reverses the effects of dental soft tissue anesthesia. Dr. Green or Dr. Urbanek will inject the medication into the numbed area after completing your procedure. You won’t even feel the injection because you’re still numbed up. OraVerse works by expanding the blood vessels in the area which helps the body remove the anesthesia from the site. The drug can also interfere with anesthesia molecules or help the body break them down. In most cases, the effects of anesthesia will wear off twice as fast with OraVerse than without.

OraVerse is completely safe and effective for use in adults, teens, and children over six years old. Although OraVerse is a new application, the drug itself has been around since 1952 and has a long-term safety profile. There are also a few side effects or risks associated with the application.

Why Get OraVerse?

When you leave the dental office and your mouth is still numb from local anesthesia, you might have to wait several hours to experience a return of feeling. In the meantime you might experience:

  • Difficult eating, drinking and speaking
  • Biting your cheek, lips, or tongue
  • Burns from drinking hot liquids
  • Drooling

If you have a big event at work, need to do any public speaking, or even enjoy a meal, you must wait hours for the effects to wear off or otherwise risk the possibility of embarrassing yourself. With OraVerse, you can cut the waiting time in half and get back to your life much sooner.

mature adult man smiling with teeth


There’s no reason not to opt for OraVerse during your next dental appointment. Unless you don’t have any obligations later in the day, this is the perfect solution to help you get back to life sooner. With OraVerse, you can experience many benefits including:

  • No Biting Accidents – Since the feeling will return to your mouth much faster, you won’t accidentally bite too hard and inflict serious pain on your tongue, cheeks, or lips.
  • No Hot Liquid Danger – If you want a hot drink after your dental procedure, OraVerse will help the feeling return much sooner so you don’t accidentally burn your mouth on a drink that’s too hot.
  • Easy Speaking – When your mouth is numb, you might slur your speech or have a slight lisp. If you need to give a speech or present at work after your dental appointment, OraVerse will help you get ready much faster and avoid embarrassing speech problems.
  • No Drooling – Almost everyone can remember a time where they drooled after a dental procedure. With a faster recovery from local anesthesia, you don’t have to worry about unexpectedly drooling at the wrong time.
  • Safe and Effective – There are no serious side effects to using OraVerse and it’s proven as highly effective.

There’s no downside to using OraVerse after your dental procedure. Ask Dr. Green or Dr. Urbanek during your next appointment if you’re interested in getting back to life sooner. You can schedule your next dental appointment in Southlake, TX by calling (817) 587-4566 today!