What’s a Smile Makeover?

When we perform a smile makeover, our patients receive exactly what it sounds like – a completely new smile! Our makeover process begins with a consultation with Dr. Green. During your consultation, Dr. Green will examine your teeth and ask what you dislike about your smile and what your ideal smile looks like to determine which cosmetic dentistry procedures can benefit you. After understanding the whole picture, he will discuss the different treatment options that might work for you and show you what your new smile looks like. We can even transform your smile to look just like it used to when you were younger. Just bring in some old photos for us to reference and Dr. Green will work his magic. Your smile makeover will comprise of multiple cosmetic dentistry procedures that may include one or more of the following.

  • Teeth Whitening – Professional teeth whitening can brighten your smile up to several years by removing years of deep stains.
  • Teeth-in-a-Day – Replace all of your missing teeth in just one appointment!
  • Dental Crowns – Our same-day dental crowns can restore the shape, size, structure, and appearance of your teeth. It can also replace a missing tooth when used with a dental implant.

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young adult woman smiling with teeth

Improving Your Smile Will Change Your Life

So why should you get a smile makeover? We have dozens of reasons. For starters, it will change your life forever. After your smile makeover, you will no longer feel the urge to hide your teeth behind your hands when you’re laughing, eating, or trying to enjoy the best moments of your life. Instead, you will show off all your pearly whites every chance you get.

Not only will this new confidence boost help you focus on having a good time instead of hiding your teeth, but it can also help out your professional and personal life. Your boss might notice how much more confident you are in your work or when presenting and finally give you that raise or promotion you want. Your new confidence might also help you make new friends or meet the love of your life.

As a bonus, your smile makeover can also improve your oral health, the function of your teeth, your bite, and your appearance. We use a comprehensive approach to your smile makeover that helps you get a smile that looks beautiful but also delivers the highest level of comfort and functionality possible too.

If you feel like your smile is holding you back in life, a smile makeover might be just what you need to completely change your life for the better.

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You’re convinced you need a smile makeover but now the biggest question is burning inside. How much does a smile makeover cost? Unfortunately, there’s not a set number we can provide you. To determine how much your makeover costs, you will need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Green. During your consultation, he will show you different options and go over the cost of each procedure.

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